Smart Binary

What is Smart Binary?

Smart Binary, LLC is an incorporated software consultancy.

We are a partnership. Each technical partner is foremost a consultant for our clients. They each have proven, referenceable track records of analyzing, designing, implementing, and maintaining solutions ranging from stealth startup quick releases to long-term enterprise solutions for the world's largest companies.

If and when you have a need to build out a team to meet your most extreme timelines, our partners are able to tap into our closest, most trusted, and proven colleagues to scale and delivery accordingly. We will always provide you with the opportunity to meet and even interview colleagues that we recommend to you to help scale up and deliver.

To determine our corp-to-corp, all-inclusive rate, we evaluate the following aspects of the engagement:

  • client location
  • on-site / remote percentage
  • project type
  • technology stack
  • requested role(s)
  • requested responsibilities
  • length of engagement
  • problem domain
  • Logo

    What do we do?

    Smart Binary is an Software Consultancy specializing in Mobile Application Development. We are capable of handling the full stack from UI to API to DB to Cloud. Founded in 1999, Smart Binary excels in customized, one-on-one client interaction in applications consulting services. We strive to provide the highest levels of communication and produce high quality results to businesses across the USA and beyond, at an affordable rate.

    Our Partners combine for more than 40-years of academic and professional experience. With our skill sets, experience levels, and industry connections, Smart Binary allows you to bypass expensive agencies and go"Direct to the Source".

    "Direct to the Source"

    Our Partners are industry experts that you will have direct access to.

    What does that fiscally mean to you? need to pay heavy fees to post job ads... need to pay a 50% up-charge to recruiters... need to spend weeks interviewing candidates...

    Save time and money by going Direct to the Source.

    We look forward to partnering with you for your development and design needs.


    Meet the Founder

    Todd Smart
    Todd Smart
    Software Engineer | Mentor | Agile Coach

    Todd is a professional software engineer with nearly three decades of full-stack development experience.

    Todd builds enterprise-level mobile and web applications using React Native, React, GraphQL, and Node.

    Academically, Todd attained a master’s degree in Computer Science.

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